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top tips for your holiday films and snaps

While on
holiday, we all love to capture the memories by taking photos and films so we
can reminisce after our holiday comes to an end. However, trying to capture the
perfect picture or film can be rather difficult. That said, you don’t have to
be a photographer to take beautiful pictures, as our guide will help you take
some incredible pictures which are truly Instagram worthy!




You may
think that you need to have an expensive camera, tripod, lenses and all the
accessories to take an incredible picture, but the reality is that your smart
phone will be sufficient.




Before you
head off on your holiday, make a list of everything you want to be captured, be
it by film or photo. When you arrive at your chosen destination, you can become
overwhelmed with the beautiful surrounding sights, and you may want to try and
capture everything at once. To make sure that you don’t miss any incredible
photo opportunities, try and make a list of points of interest, and fun photos
you can take while you are there.


Sunset and


The best
way to show off your destination in an opposite way is by waking up early and
capturing a beautiful sunrise shot. Sunrise usually means less crowds, and you
capture the solace of where you are. On the other hand, sunset shots can reflect
the true character of a location as there can be people milling about.




your photos is always a good idea, but sometimes the spontaneous pictures can
really capture the moment, and make the most unique images. Capturing
anything which appeals to you while you’re exploring, whether it’s a pretty
flower or locals chatting at a sidewalk cafe, can also lead to album-worthy


Choose a


When taking
a photo, you will want something to be the subject as this will draw the viewer
into the image. When on holiday you will be astounded by the beautiful scenery,
interesting architecture and much more and when taking a photo, you may be
overwhelmed when choosing the main focus of the picture or video. Whether you
are staying luxury
Tuscany villas with a pool
or elsewhere, choosing water as your main subject
can really capture where you are in the world. 


winning a Go Pro Hero 5?


All you
need to do is share a video with us which tells us ‘why a villa holiday is great for
kids’. This can be a film of you and your family enjoying your holiday in one
of our villas this summer holiday, or alternatively, if you are not lucky
enough to be heading off this summer, try and get a little creative with your
video entries. You can involve your children and ask them their opinion of
their holiday, but just remember not mention or show other holiday providers.


The deadline for this competition is 29th
September, and you can find out more information about it here

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