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top tips for planning a dream-like beach holiday

No matter whether you’re planning a romantic retreat or a family trip, you always want everything to be perfect. Taking a few extra steps before your trip can ensure that you have the best time possible. We’ve got decades worth of experience in planning holidays and have learnt an awful lot over the years. That’s why we’re sharing some of our top tips with you today!

Researching holiday destinations

1. Research & Plan

If you want your next trip to be the holiday of your dreams, then planning is essential. The first step is to research destinations, start by narrowing down your choice of country, and then narrow it down to the specific location. Our blog offers plenty of in-depth guides into individual locations so that you can find the best beaches, activities and attractions and make an informed decision. Booking in a few activities alongside your transport and accommodation can help you to set out an itinerary, and stop you from having to make plans once you arrive, leaving you free to enjoy your beach holiday.

One of our holiday villas in Provence with a pool

2. Accommodation

The natural choice for a dream-like holiday has to be one of our stunning villas. Take your pick from properties with private pools, gardens, hot tubs and plenty of other fantastic features to make this a trip to remember. You may be planning to spend the majority of your time on the beach, but you’ll also want a luxurious place to retreat to of an evening. What’s more is you’ll be able to enjoy your own personal space, perfect for families, cook your own meals and make the most of your very own home away from home.

A woman relaxing in an infinity pool

3. Unplug

Aside from using your camera to take a few snaps of your trip, we certainly recommend taking a break from technology and enjoying the simpler things in life. Go and explore the breathtaking sights, sit and soak up the sun or indulge in local delicacies, but avoid spending hours scrolling through social media – there will be plenty of time for that when you get home! This will help you to make the most of your stay, and will encourage you to spend quality time with your loved ones; something that’s often difficult to fit into a busy schedule!

A half-packed suitcase for a holiday in Provence

4. Pack to Perfection

Packing is often one of the biggest struggles of heading off on holiday; have you packed too much, too little? Do you have an outfit for every occasion? The best way to combat this is to write a list a few weeks beforehand to plan a selection of outfits and accessories that you will need. Then, as you pack you can tick each item off your list, including some beach-appropriate footwear! Don’t forget to note down toiletries and other necessities that you might need too. The other thing to remember is simply not to panic; most holiday destinations these days are well equipped with everything you’d need for a trip away and you can always pick up a few extra bits once you arrive.

A woman walking in Provence

5. Available Activities

When taking a trip away, it’s good to get in a mixture of activities, from sunbathing on the beach to enjoying a day of history and culture or heading out for a water-sporting extravaganza! Researching what is available nearby before setting off will help you to make the best of your time, even if you don’t actually book the trip until you arrive. Some trips do need to be booked ahead of time, so that’s something to bear in mind. Make a list of the activities the whole group would like to do, and ensure that you still plan some time for spontaneity and some much-needed R&R! Make the most of the stunning sunsets each and every evening and watch the light sink into the glistening sea as you sit back and gaze in awe!

A bottle of suncream for a holiday

6. Sun Protection

There’s nothing worse than ruining your holiday with an uncomfortable bout of sunburn. It’s so important to keep your skin protected, not just to avoid the prickly sensation, but also for health purposes! Sunburn won’t stop you from getting a tan, and there are plenty of products that can even work to enhance your natural glow, so there’s no excuse for not wearing sun cream!

A phone, a laptop and a notepad

7. Ask the Experts

If there’s anything you’re unsure of or are interested to know, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our teams of experts are always on hand to help out, and with their extensive experience, they’ll happily offer up their own personal recommendations to ensure you have the trip of your dreams! We’re on hand from when you begin to plan your trip, whether you’re staying in one of our holiday villas in Provence, or any of the other destinations we offer, all the way until you arrive home so you can rest assured that there’s always someone at the end of the phone!

Do you have any top tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you via our social media channels!

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