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tdf towns south

Whether you’re watching the action in the flesh or from the
comfort of your living room, during the Tour de France you’ll be sure to see
some incredible locations which have made France the perfect country for a
cycling race. In this post we’ll take you through four of the towns in the
south of France we love which are still yet to be visited, which come after the
challenge of the Pyrenees mountains, perfect for your luxury French holidays.


Carcassonne marks the start of the 162.5km-long Stage 11 on
July 13, with its architecture and rich history making it a true sight to
behold. Its medieval core, the Cité, surrounded by fortified walls, was awarded
UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1997, whilst the rest of the city also has
a unique old-world charm. Just outside of the city you’ll also find the Canal
du Midi, passing through miles of lush greenery.


Also visited during Stage 11 is the town of Pezenas, which
has been given Protected Area status by the Ministry of Culture. The streets of
the old town and its many churches are extremely beautiful, while there are
also numerous artisans still making their crafts by hand using traditional
methods who sell their wares here.


The capital of the Languedoc region, Montpellier is where
Stage 11 ends and Stage 12 of the Tour begins. With a large student population,
while the city has some historic connections, it remains largely young and
thriving with a selection of bars, smart stores and celebrations of the arts.
Its main landmark is the Place de la Comedie, the major square lined with cafes
and crowned by an elegant 19th century opera house.

St Rémy de Provence

Nestled in the hills of Les Alpilles is St Rémy de Provence,
a stylish medieval town promising bags of Provençal charm. It has long been
associated with Vincent van Gogh, who painted over 150 canvasses during his
stay at an asylum in the St Paul de Mausole monastery. Surrounded by miles of
olive groves, it’s easy to see why this wonderful town has been inspirational
to van Gogh and many other artists.

Image: Dennis
, available under Creative Commons

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