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travel guide: primošten – croatia

As one of the most Instagrammable locations on the Adriatic coast, Primošten is a jewel in Croatia’s crown and a holiday to this alluring destination is one which is likely to be remembered for a lifetime! The azure waters and inviting beaches, pleasant temperatures, rich history and indulgent food and drink all contribute to the charm of this relatively undiscovered Croatian town. Located between Sibenik and Split, Primošten has preserved its culture and heritage. It was once an island and home to a small population of fishing families, but today, the town is now connected to the mainland by an embankment.

Getting to Primošten

The nearest airport the Primošten is in the neighbouring town of Split. Flights from Heathrow to Split take anywhere between three to 10 hours, depending on which airline you choose and whether there are any scheduled stops. From here, there are shuttle buses which can take you to your chosen destination, or there are hire cars available and the journey will take just over an hour.

Alternatively, you can also fly into the airport in Zadar, with the flight time being similar to those going to Split. From the airport, there will also be shuttle services and hire cars, and getting to Primošten will take around one and a half hours.

An aeroplane in the air.

Best Time to Visit

If you’re more of a shade-lover although still appreciate the blue skies overhead, we would recommend visiting from March to May, although do expect some rain during these months. The temperature can reach 25 degrees during the day and around 12 during the night.

Croatia is renowned for its soaring temperatures and cloudless skies, and it’s for this reason, amongst others, that so many people descend on the country for their holiday. If you’re an avid sun-seeker and it’s the warming rays which complete your holiday, then the summer months may be for you, with July and June reaching temperatures of 32 degrees during the day and rarely dropping below 21 degrees at night.

Two sun loungers on a beach.

The Landscape

The surrounding landscape of Primošten is quite simply, absolutely stunning. Like much of Croatia, the land is surrounded by the shimmering, crystal clear, emerald blue waters which invite most in for a cooling dip! The outstanding coast and its golden sands, as for much of the town, are complemented by the whitewash buildings and their terracotta roofs, which contribute to a picture-perfect colour contrast to the sea. For those who explore a little further afield and venture away from the more built-up areas, the coastline is backed by rich and thick forests, perfect for those seeking some shade.

The town of Primošten.

Things to Do

Spend a Day at the Beach

The coast is one of the top attractions of Primošten and no visit to the town would be complete without soaking up the sun and feeling the warm sand between your toes while you relax and unwind on one of the many beaches. One of our favourites is Porat Beach, at just over one mile from the town centre, it is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. There’s plenty of trees offering shade, gentle waters for a paddle for young families and amenities close by.

Explore the Coastline

A holiday is for relaxing, sipping cocktails and dozing in and out of sleep on a sun lounger, but for those feeling adventurous, a walk along the coast can be a fantastic way to experience and see more of the local landscape. Surrounding the town, there are many islands, bays and peninsulas, all ripe for exploring! Head off the beaten track to find the relatively untouched areas which are likely to be free from any crowds.

Head Inland

Although Primošten may first appear to be all about the coast, inland there are also some visual treasures awaiting. Historic vineyards dot the landscape and it is said that the region has been producing wine since the 8th century BC, when Greeks and Romans populated the area – be sure to try a bottle or two during a visit, we’d recommend a wine called Babić.

Primošten is also renowned for producing olives and the production of them contributes heavily to their local economy. So, as you delve deeper inland, you’ll notice the many groves creating a stunning backdrop to your exploration.

Sights to See

• St. George Church Tower
• Lady of Loreto
• Coastal tour
• Dragon’s Eye Lake, Rogoznica (15-minute drive from the town centre)
• Dalmatian Ethno Village (30-40-minute drive from the town centre)

Where to Stay?

Choosing your holiday accommodation is one of the biggest parts of planning your trip and here at Quality Villas, we want to make it as enjoyable as possible! We have a stunning selection of luxury holiday villas, Croatia, with many located in or near Primošten and we would love to help you find your dream holiday accommodation for what will be, a trip of a lifetime to what is a picture-perfect destination.

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