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travel guide: south of france

Whether you’ve been before, or you’ve only ever dreamed of the pristine beaches of the South of France, chances are it’ll be high up on your travel bucket list for 2019. The ideal getaway for those travelling with a family, significant other or alone, you’re not short of things to see and do in this wonderful part of the world. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions such as where and when to go, so you can start planning your French adventure!

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When to Visit

One of the best things about the South of France is that there’s not really a bad time to visit! Even in the winter, the temperatures tend to reach double figures and the Cote D’azur can be the perfect spot to replenish your vitamin D levels and break up the long, dark and cold winter at home. Sun-seekers can expect desirable temperatures any time from April, although peak summer-time can be a bit too hot for even the most seasoned of travellers.

Weather aside, there are also various events that take place throughout the year that can help you to decide when to plan your visit. The film festival takes place in Cannes every year and is set for 14th – 25th of May in 2019. Check out the schedule of events on the official website for more details on what’s on in case there’s anything in particular you’d like to see. In addition, the Monaco Grand Prix is set for the 22nd-27th May, and the short distance between the two mean you could combine two fantastic events with one action-packed holiday! The iconic Nice Carnival will take place from the 16th to the 28th of February, and it’s not too late to book one of our holiday villas in the South of France for an unforgettable holiday the whole family are sure to enjoy. Other events including music festivals, art exhibitions and sports fixtures take place throughout the year, so be sure to do your research online to find out your ideal dates before booking anything else.

As with most holiday destinations in Europe, prices will increase during peak travel times, usually around July/August and other school holidays and half-terms. During this time, popular attractions, museums and sights to see will be busy and may require booking ahead of time to avoid disappointment. For those travelling with children, this may be unavoidable. Singles and couples who aren’t bound to specific dates and can be slightly more flexible on their travel itinerary should check out dates ahead of time to avoid paying a premium on travel and admission costs.

Pretty scene in South France

How to Get Around

France has a fast and efficient public transport network and most of the main destinations are connected with regular services via bus or train, meaning you might not want to rent a car during your holiday. This is the perfect option for those who are not necessarily confident in driving on the other side of the road or anyone wishing to make the most of the plethora of fine wines available in any establishment in this part of the world.

Depending on the location of your holiday villa, you may want to look into bike hire options for one of the best ways to appreciate the spectacular scenery on two wheels. France is notorious for its cycle-friendly routes that are suitable for even the most novice of riders and you’re sure to see gorgeous sights off the beaten track that simply wouldn’t be discovered if you solely rely on a car to get from place to place.

Where to Stay

There are a range of fantastic towns, cities and villages in this beautiful part of the world and you’ll have a great time wherever you end up. Those after a city break can explore the fascinating streets of Nice or the atmospheric port of Marseille. Popular luxurious towns such as Cannes and St Tropez will guarantee a five-star getaway as you holiday alongside the rich and famous. For those after a more relaxed time away, there are hilltop villages aplenty, each as charming and picturesque as the next, with no shortage of things to see and do at just a short drive away from wherever you are staying. No holiday to this fantastic part of the world is complete without a trip to a whole other country – the Principality of Monaco. Here you can marvel at the multi-million-pound yachts, try your luck at the slot machines at the iconic Monte Carlo casino or simply walk up the cliffs to admire the unrivalled views of up and down the coast and out to sea.

Pretty scene in South France

What to eat and drink

A holiday to the South of France is sure to be a sensation for your taste buds, especially for those willing to be a little more adventurous with their food choices. We’ve all heard of eating snails and frogs’ legs, both of which should be sampled during your time away, but there’s also the lesser known Bouillabaisse, of which the French do so well, and the close proximity of the sea means there’s no better, fresher spot to try everyone’s favourite seafood dish. Vineyards are scattered all over the region, many of which will offer guided tours and tasting expeditions.

That concludes our travel guide to the South of France! We hope you have enjoyed reading all about this sun-soaked destination and it has inspired you to look further into spending your holidays in one of the beautiful towns, cities or villages in the region. To learn more about holidays in the South of France, be sure to check out our recent blog posts 5 Reasons to Visit the South of France and 7 of the Most Photogenic Places in the South of France for more inspiration!

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