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Currently accessed only by private tour, the famous Vasari
Corridor in Florence, which links the Uffizi Gallery to fellow landmarks the Palazzo
Vecchio and the Pitti Palace, could soon be opened to the public.

Eike Schmidt, the director of the Uffizi Gallery, announced
his plans to get rid of what he described as “privileged” access, as tickets
for private tours currently start from €45 per person. He said: “My aim is to
offer the possibility, not the obligation, of passing through the Vasari
Corridor to the Pitti Palace on a separate ticket from the one giving access to
the Uffizi, and which is in line with normal prices for museum access.”

The entrance to the famous corridor, which is home to over a
thousand classic paintings, can be found behind an unmarked door on the first
floor of the gallery. It was designed and built in 1564 by designer and
architect Giorgio Vasari, and is home to some highly notable works such as a
collection of self-portraits created by Cardinal Leopoldo de’Medici, offering
some incredible views out over the River Arno, the main vein running through
the city of Florence.

The Corridor is also famous for connecting the gallery to
two of the city’s other significant landmarks: the Palazzo Vecchio and the
Pitti Palace. The Palazzo Vecchio is Florence’s historic town hall, found by
the famous bridge, while the Pitti Palace, a former home of Italian kings and
Tuscan dukes, is now home to many more notable paintings and sculptures.

If you’re planning on staying in one of our Florence villas,
the Vasari Corridor may just be another attraction you need to add to your

Image: Toni
, available under Creative Commons

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