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what to love about provence in the spring

As the UK has snow on the horizon, you might already be looking forward to a spring holiday, and the sun that comes with it. After months of chilly wind, constant rain and grey skies, you are probably counting down the seconds until you are lounging around one of our villas in Provence enjoying the beautiful spring weather. And there is a lot to enjoy about the springtime in Provence: 

The sun
Though the south of France is world renowned for its sunny climate, it does have some distinct seasons, and spring is one of the best times to see the colours change from winter to spring and the vegetation turn to a luscious green once again. This time of year is also still great for dressing in true French style with long jumpers and scarves that you can whip off the instant you spy the sun. 

As the weather is better, spring is the perfect time to go for a picnic. It is a great way to kick off your holiday and bring along some wine, quiche and olives while you soak up the first of the spring sun. Head to the countryside or find an idyllic spot on the beach to while away the afternoon. 
Flowers in bloom
The streets of the towns and villages in Provence turn purple in spring as the wisteria blooms. The houses in southern France take pride in displaying their flowering plants. The whole region becomes a rainbow of striking colours in the spring, as the wildflowers spring up in the fields and the cherry and almond trees begin to bloom, adding a refreshing scent to the air.
The markets
The markets of Provence are fantastic all year round, but spring brings back the best of home cooking with local ingredients. Beautiful artichokes, asparagus, mangoes and pineapples are a-plenty in many colours and varieties and the markets are buzzing with business. When staying at our villas, be sure to head to the local town to see their market and pick up some delicious food for some home cooking.

The shops, boutiques and tourist attractions in the towns and coastal villages have come fully back to life by Easter, opening after a winter’s rest. And although it is a religious celebration, the shops can’t help putting out tantalising chocolate treats the whole family can enjoy gobbling up.
Seaside hikes
Although the tourist attractions are in full swing and the weather sunny and warm, spring is still relatively quiet in terms of crowds, making it the perfect time to take advantage of the hiking paths and walking trails through the countryside and along the coast. You might only meet a few people on your way, and it will feel like you have Provence all to yourself.
Spring festivals
It is not just summer which sees all the fantastic festivals, with spring offering many interesting and alternative festivals that locals and tourists can both enjoy. Arts fairs, music and food festivals and much more are happening, so be on the lookout for any events happening during your stay. 
The return of café culture 
The spring fever also brings al fresco dining. Cafes open up their doors and windows and put seating outside again, perfect for sipping your coffee and doing some people watching. While it is often considered quite Parisian, the café culture spreads throughout France, and there is nothing more fun than lunching outside a café watching the world go by. 
The ambience
Spring doesn’t just bring better weather, but also a better attitude to life. As wildlife and nature come to life, it also seems the locals do too. Gone are the grumpy faces braced against a chilly wind; they are replaced with smiles and laughter. It is the best time of year to go when you are wanting a relaxed and joyful holiday with loved ones.
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