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what to pack for your christmas holiday to france

So, your Christmas family holiday to France is booked, plane tickets are bought, and the excitement and anticipation are setting in. Next job – packing! While you may think packing is a simple task, things can get more complicated when your holiday falls over Christmas. But, never fear! Our handy guide will help you decide on what’s essential and keeping presents out children’s sight. 
Christmas villa holidays France are particularly magical. There are festivals, food, markets and sparkling lights to enjoy wherever you choose to stay and of course your cosy villa to enjoy in the evening – with a heated pool to make it feel luxurious!
During the winter months, expect chilly temperatures, even in the milder south coast region, but don’t overpack on thermals and bulky jumpers. One or two cosy chunky jumpers are great, but for the rest of your clothes, go with lighter clothes you can layer up. Always add a nice dress or shirt for the days you want to dress smartly.
Good pairs of shoes or boots are essential. Warm feet means the rest of you feels warm, so a sturdy, comfortable pair of footwear can make all the difference to your winter holiday. You may also want to stuff some cosy slipper socks into these boots (which will save space in your suitcase) to have for wearing around the villa. 
Don’t hesitate to be strict with the clothes you pack; repack if you must to take out non-essentials. For kids suitcases, you can be a little more lenient, but don’t go overboard and take their whole wardrobe. 
For outerwear, pack in waterproofs and the wear the heavier coats and jackets onto the plan, as this frees up space in your suitcase and reduces the weight. Accessories like scarves, hats and gloves can be either crammed into little spots of space in the suitcase or also worn onto the plane. 
Thankfully, a holiday at Christmas means you can ditch the sunscreen, but of course, the other toiletry essentials still apply – and maybe some extra moisturiser!
If you are going on holiday over Christmas, that also means bringing presents with you. If there are big, bulky gifts, leave them at home, and have another mini Christmas celebration when you get home – the kids are sure to love having two Christmases! Smaller gifts can be brought with you, though carefully wrapping them and bringing them in a separate suitcase to your clothes is best, to avoid them being damaged. You want your Christmas abroad to be as special as the one at home, and the gifts will help to create that homely feel. 
Your villa may be decorated for your arrival, but you may have some sentimental Christmas decorations you always bring out for the holidays. If they can be safely transported, why not bring them along? Seeing your own decorations up in the villa will surely make it feel like a home away from home. If you are interested in getting decorations for your villa for your Christmas holiday, get in touch with us to arrange it. 
If the weather is cold, you may find you spend more time relaxing in the villa than heading out to see the attractions. As such, be sure to pop your tablet or laptop into your suitcase, loaded up with games and films for the kids to watch. And like any holiday, don’t forget to bring your camera to snap all the happy Christmas moments with your family. Remember chargers, adaptors and cases too! 
Are there any essentials you would bring on your Christmas holiday to France? Let us know over our social media channels!  
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