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why lonely planet is the ultimate travel guide

Before travelling to a new destination for a holiday, or the next stop on your travels, you are likely to look up the place in a travel guide. This could be as a book, or online, and one of the best is Lonely Planet. What you read in Lonely Planet’s books or online guides, you can guarantee the author has been there and experienced the place, and are telling you what they really think. It’s trusted advice from a trusted source, and Lonely Planet has come to influence us too. 
Lonely Planet has become the world’s most successful travel publisher, printing over 120 million books in eleven different languages. It has come a long way since it was founded by husband and wife Tony and Maureen Wheeler in the 1970s.
The couple set off on a year-long trip from London to Australia after they both graduated from university, intending to get travelling out of their system before settling down. They drove from London to Afghanistan in a minivan and eventually arrived in Sydney Australia. The people they met on the way and the question’s they asked such as ‘How did you travel?’, ‘What did you see?’ and ‘What did it cost?’ inspired them to turn the diaries they wrote on their journey into the first Lonely Plant book. 
Within a week, they had sold 1500 copies of the book, and Lonely Planet was born. Two years later, their second trip to South-East Asia led to books on Nepal, Australia, Africa and India and it grew from there. 
Lonely Planet now provides, in the form of guide books, e-books, a guide to almost every destination on the planet. They also have a range of digital travel products, apps and an award-winning website. Today they have offices in the UK, USA, Australia, India and China and have over 200 authors writing for them. 
One of the best aspects of Lonely Planet is their first-hand approach, providing up-to-date maps and the best information for travellers and holiday makers. The authors are experienced, insightful travel experts, personally researching about the places they are writing about. They provide essential details with insider information, some things you might not have thought of yourself. You can find information on the top tourist attractions in the area, great restaurants to eat and how to travel around the place when you get there. 
In addition to the specially researched maps created by cartographers with state-of-the-art technology, Lonely Planet also provides language guidance. Their books have keywords, basic grammar and phrases in local languages, and where necessary include the names of places and restaurants in local script. 
Lonely Planet, and its founders, also strive to promote responsible travel. As they have seen the way tourism and travel have changed in the last 40 years, with the world becoming more connected, they find it important to stay sustainable and responsible, an idea we like to keep on board at Quality Villas. 
So, if you are planning a holiday at our family friendly villas in Brittany, or preparing to explore Sicily when staying at our luxury Sicily villas, why not check out the local area with Lonely Planet to help you get the most out of your holiday and travelling experience?  
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