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why you should book holidays in the off season

Every year thousands of people pay thousands of pounds to holiday during the peak season. For families with school children, the school holidays are the only time to take a holiday, as during term time a fine is incurred. However, booking a luxury villa in Italy with heated pool in the off-season has many benefits, and with half terms and Easter breaks falling into the off season for places like Southern Italy and France, you can easily take a holiday in that time with family too! 
Several places in Europe, such as southern Italy and the south of France are great to visit in the off season and even in the winter months. Around the Mediterranean, you can still enjoy a lot of sunshine, calm weather and get away with wearing just a jacket. 
Saving Money
Travelling and holidaying abroad is expensive and considered a luxury by many. But it doesn’t have to be, and one of the easiest ways to save money is being flexible with your dates. Booking an off-season holiday can cost a fraction of the price, on both the accommodation and the flights. You can save the money for great food, souvenirs or even put it aside for another holiday!
Fewer Crowds
The large tourist crowds in the summer can prevent you from seeing the attractions you want, at a pace you want. In the off-season, there are fewer crowds, as there are not many other people who have caught onto the off-season perks too! There are fewer queues too, and more chance to relax on the holiday as a whole.
Meet the Locals
Going on holiday in the off season gives you a chance to get a more authentic feel of the place. Though there will be fewer attractions open, there is still a chance to really experience the country and region you’re visiting. You can seek out the secluded spots, meet the locals and get a real taste of what life in Italy or France is like. 
Cooler Weather
The busy summer months can get unbearably hot, especially when you are in the middle of a crowd. But the off-season gives you cooler weather and less sweaty uncomfortableness. The sun is still bright, however, and it is a good idea to slather on the sunscreen to avoid any risk of sunburn. All of this will add up to a much more enjoyable and relaxing holiday!
Photography Opportunities
Whether you are an avid photographer, an amateur or just love to take some holiday snaps, you will soon find that the off-season is a favourable time for photography. You can take a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with fewer tourists ‘propping’ it up, and can get amazing pictures with no one getting in the way. The bright wintery sky will make for a better backdrop to the photos you take too!
Choice of Accommodation
This is a case of supply and demand. Fewer tourists mean a better choice of accommodation, and that is often the case for Quality Villas too. If you are looking for a luxury villa for a group holiday, there will be several places to choose from, and alternatively, there will be cosy villas for those looking to have a quiet, romantic getaway. 
Avoid the Winter Blues
Holidaying to a sunny location in the summer could mean missing a rare heat wave on British soil, so why not travel when you know the weather is bad on UK soil? This means you can avoid the winter blues, can soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of a relaxing holiday without a threat of rain, or even a grey cloud! 
As summer is slowly drawing to a close, and with autumn and the off-season looming, there seems to be no better time to start looking to an off-season holiday, in a wonderful location like southern Italy! Get in touch with Quality Villas and browse our villas online, giving you another holiday to look forward to in the coming months!
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