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the wine regions of provence

With an average of around 60 days of rainfall per year and basking in Mediterranean-like temperatures, Provence has the perfect conditions for growing wine grapes!


Somewhat of an understated region when it comes to wine, Provence may be considered the hidden gem of producers, and is in fact, one of the oldest in the country.


The region varies from majestic mountains to deep valleys and rolling hills, as well as the famed coastline. Underneath this diverse landscape, there is an equally as diverse quality and character of soil, contributing to the wide variety of wine grapes to be grown in the region. From limestone, granite and in a few places, volcanic, you can expect to sample some exceptional French wine during your holiday.


Coteaux d’Aix en Provence

With vineyards dating as early as 600 BC and the furthest west wine producers in the region, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence produces a range of unique and delectable bottles, a large percentage of which are rosé. The soil varies considerably, from clay, stone and limestone, while the location of the region benefits from the Minstral, the winds of France, known to flutter the vines with cold and dry winds – perfect for producing grapes.



One of the smaller wine producers of Provence, Palette, is situated in the south-east of the region. Nestled in the hills of the Aix, which are predominately limestone and covering an area approximately 100 acres, the grape growers and wine producers are passionate about promoting traditional methods. Producing both rosé and white, with each bottle aged for at least eight months and featuring Mourvedre grapes in most bottles, they are a pleasure to sip!


Les Baux de Provence

Hot, hot, hot! As one of the warmest wine regions in Provence, the vines of Les Baux de Provence are sun-drenched, creating ripe and luscious grapes. Located on the hillside of the Alpilles mountains, the growers and producers of the region have land preservation at their heart, and many of the fruits are grown using biodynamic or organic methods.

Grapes growing on a vineyard in Provence



Situated on the east coast of Marseille, west of Toulon, Bandol produces one of Provence’s most famed wines. The warm yet coastal climate is perfectly suited for growing, while the silicon and limestone soils contribute to each perfected bottle! The Mourvèdre grape is the primary vine grown and is required to be included in each blend produced in the region.


Côtes de Provence

As one of the larger wine regions in Provence, the grapes grown, and wines produced in the Côtes de Provence are some of the most varied. With a mixture of soils, altitude and rainfall, the diversity is broad. There are four sub-regions within Côtes de Provence, which are La Londe, Sante-Victoire, Fréjus and Pierrefeu.



Found in the Alpes de Haute Provence is the newest and some of the highest vineyards of Provence, Pierrevert. The coolness of the climate, yet consistent sun, makes for a unique wine grape, with rich and acidic tones.

Grapes growing on a vineyard in Provence



Close to Marseille, on the east of the town is the region of Cassis. The soil type is evident here, with a dramatic wash of limestone. As one of the first designated wine regions of Provence, Cassis is slightly different to the others, and the majority of their produce is white wine, using the grapes of Marsanne and Clairette, instead of the rosé typically produced in Provence.


Coteaux Varois de Provence

Often referred to as the ‘heart of Provence’ and consisting of valleys and basins, with the Sainte-Baume Mountain Range always present, the grapes here are high-altitude. The soil consists of calcareous clay and limestone, gravel and flint, while the positioning of the region makes for a frequently changing climate.

Grapes growing on a vineyard in Provence


Our luxury holiday villas, Côte d’azur, offer an idyllic base for your exploration of these wine regions. Enjoy the pleasant climate, take in the outstanding views and take a sip of some of the fantastic wines!

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