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wine tasting near marseille: where to go

France is renowned for its wine, and while areas such as Bordeaux and Burgundy are amongst the most recognisable wine regions, the whole of the country is packed with incredible gems for wine lovers. With the sunny southern coast of France offering ideal growing conditions for grapes, Provençal wine offers rich, fruity reds; fresh, dry rosé; and light, citrusy whites. If you’re a wine lover visiting this area of France, then there are plenty of vineyards near Marseille that offer wine tasting experiences and winery tours. We take a look at just a few of the best the area has to offer:

Domaine de la Bégude

A family-owned winery, Domaine de la Bégude is a unique, eco-friendly vineyard, producing organic red and rosé wines. Opposed to using unnatural products such as pesticide, weedkiller and chemical fertiliser, the wines are high quality and require a lot of hard work and dedication to produce superb sips without relying on these chemicals. A tour of the vineyard and wine tasting session is available in English, allowing you to learn more about the winemaking techniques employed at this winery. On the tour you will explore the cellar, 15th-century rooms, provencal tower, 10th-century chapel and the Domaine de la Bégude estate, which offers breathtaking views. The tour finishes with a tasting of at least four different red and rosé wines.

Domaine Lou Capelan

Located in the Provençal village of Cadière d’Azur, close to the Mediterranean coast, Domaine Lou Capelan creates Bandol, Var and PGI Mont Caume wines in white, rosé and red varieties. Enjoy a tour led by a knowledgable guide who will teach you all about the different wines made in this region, as well as how their own wine is produced. Finish the tour with a delicious tasting of their Bandol wines, expertly created using the Mourvèdre grape!

Château Paradis

North of Marseille, in Puy-Sainte-Réparade, you will find the 80-hectare Château Paradis vineyard. First created in 1980, the vineyard has had a handful of owners over the years but is now in the safe hands of the Thiéblin family, who are continuing to expand the number of vines grown at the Château. Here you can experience either a tour and tasting session, or simply just taste the exceptional red, white and rosé wines they have on offer. If you would rather explore the vineyards on your own, then there are walking trails where you can discover more information on the history of the site and the winemaking process.

Château Beaulieu

Château Beaulieu is a farm and winery producing Coteaux d’Aix en Provence appellation wine, located in a volcanic crater. Taking a tour of the vineyard, you’ll learn all about how the unique local environment, or terroir, contributes to growing the exceptional quality red, white and rosé wines produced at Château Beaulieu. Following the tour, taste all seven of the wines produced here within the soil of an old volcano!

Domaine Dalmeran

Located in the Alpilles Natural Regional Park, Domaine Dalmeran is a winery with nature at the centre of its focus. Producing organic, unique-tasting red, white and rosé wines, Domaine Dalmeran wine is created using all-natural processes and ingredients. The winery itself also includes a Land Art trail, which features sculpted trees formed by artist Marc Nucera, giving you something to contemplate and admire as you sip on the perfectly formed wines. Not only does Domaine Dalmeran offer tours and tastings, but specially curated sessions are also available, in which these delicious wines are perfectly paired with seasonal dishes from local producers.

At the end of a busy day exploring vineyards and sipping extravagant wines, you will need someone equally luxurious to rest, relax and prepare for another day of adventure in the south of France. Our luxury holiday villas on the French Riviera are ideally situated to experience all that this incredible region has to offer!

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