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wine tasting near nice: where to go

The South of France is renowned for many things such as its beautiful landscapes, stunning climate and fascinating history. And not forgetting another important factor, its wine!
The region surrounding Nice is bursting with different grape varieties, fantastic vineyards and different wines to try.

The South of France is said to have produced wine for around 2,300 years, dating back to the Ancient Greek Phoenicians and their vines.
In terms of the type of wine, the south of France is most well-known for rosè. However, rich reds and light white wines are also produced.

Château de Crémat

Châuteau de Crémat is situated in stunning, little Bellet. Bellet is one of the smallest ‘Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée’ in France, which means wines are labelled with this acknowledged quality approval. Bellet is also on the listing of the most expensive vineyard areas in France. The two vineyards prominent to this area are the Château de Crémat and Domaine de la Source.

Château de Crémat has an exquisite back story. Around 2000 years ago, the Romans settled in Château de Crémat and dug tunnels, which are still used today to preserve wines. The location of the vineyard is situated in an incomparable microclimate which is perfect for the grapes all year round! The vineyard itself spans around seven hectares which spread right over the hills of Crémat, Saint-Sauveur and Saquier. The grapes here are all organic, which means you have the finest quality when it comes to the wine.

Domaine de la Source

One of the smallest vineyards nestled in Nice, Domaine de la Source is situated on the hills of Nice. Producing an outstanding rare wine known as “le Bellet”. This beautiful vineyard also spans seven hectares and the winery has been passed down through three generations.

This vineyard is home to three unique grape varieties, which make for a captivating wine experience. Rolle, the white grape, Braquet, the rosé grape and Folle Noire Grenache, the red grape, all produce outstanding rare wines that you definitely shouldn’t miss tasting.

To visit this exceptional vineyard, individuals or groups are both welcome to tour the estate and sample these wonderful wines. Domaine de la Source is open all year round to cater for tourists bursting to see this location!

Two glasses of wine next to grapes

St. Jeannet, Vignoble Rasse

This special vineyard is located only 15 minutes from the coast, and also revels in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, far away from any hustle and bustle.

Vignoble Rasse is a family run winery that has been passed down through several generations, making it a unique stop for anyone looking for an authentic wine experience.  They also pride themselves in tailoring the wine tastings to your personal preference, whether it be an individual tasting or a collective tasting, which is an excellent touch.

Domaine de Toasc

Domaine de Toasc is a magical vineyard based upon the East hillside of the Plaine du Var. It boasts 12 hectares, seven of which are vines. Like other vineyards situated in Bellet, Domaine de Toasc also dates back to Roman times, ascribing itself to one of France’s oldest plantations. This vineyard is open for touring and tasting all year round, with just some seasonal adjustments around the days and times.

Wine being poured into an empty wine glass

Domaine du Fogolar

Another Bellet special is given to Domaine du Fogolar which produces the immaculate wine Collet de Bovis. This specific wine had its first vines planted in 1974, spanning around 4.5 acres. This wine only has 12,000 bottles produced a year, which means tasting it is a real treat. Guided tours with tasting are available for individuals or groups less than eight, with up to five wines to sample! Not to forget the absolute stunning scenery that envelopes the vineyard for you to enjoy whilst you tour around.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of the top places to sample wine in Nice.

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