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wine tasting puglia: where to go

Puglia is the second largest wine-producing region and is home to a rich wine heritage, boasting 25 DOC areas (the Italian classification, hallmark of quality – Denominazione di Origine Controllata). 

Italy and wine just go hand in hand, don’t they? With their incredible vineyards and varieties of delectable grapes, there is no denying that Italy is one of the greatest homes of wine. With so many wines to try and enjoy, it’s understandable that you might not know where to begin. Read through our handy guide to sip your way through some of Puglia’s finest wines.

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Tormaresca Winery in Lecce

Starting off our guide with Tormeresca, this magical estate was known to lead the wine renaissance of the region. The estate, Castel del Monte and Masseria Maime, stretches over Puglia’s most beautiful wine country, and offers some first-class, internationally recognised grape varieties.

In Tomaresca, you will find white, rose, red and dessert wines to taste, offering you an option for a paring with any meal.

It’s easy to indulge in a professional wine tour in Tomaresca, and there are different levels of tasting to choose from. You can opt for a tasting of three wines, and a tour of the vineyard for 20 euros, a tour and tasting of four wines for 25.50 euros, and there is even the option to include buffet lunches and food paring depending on what your ideal day would be.

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Antica Enotria

Antica Enotria is a beautiful family made masseria, vineyard and winery that dates back to the 1700’s. You can find it located between the city of Cerignol, a town and comune of Apulia and its charming seaside.

Before this masseria was born, the land was just a ruin, no more than a few abandoned piles of stone sitting forgotten.

An incredible amount of effort was put in to bring this piece of land to life, and as the seasons change, the land is relished by creating fine Italian produce.  

Autumn is the season where the crushing of juicy grapes happen. In winter, it’s time for olive oil and artichokes to be made and harvested, and when the good weather starts to make an appearance, we can focus on the beautifully ripened tomatoes.

This is definitely one for the foodies too, as during the wine sampling you can also sample other produce. The Di Tuccio family are more than happy to let you sample their finest olive oil, and their home-grown vegetables when in season.

Expect refreshing crisp, and bold flavours from this vineyard, which is also organic!  Tours are open all year round, but they do require a booking.

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Terra Jovia

Terra Jovia is an incredible winery right in the heart of Puglia.

It was first created in 2004 by both Luigi Filippo Colapinto and Nicola Petrera who continued to grow grapes and make wine with processes that were passed down by their predecessors from the 1970’s. When wine tasting here, you will get to experience the Primitivo of Gioia del Colle DOC the origin of which dates back more than three thousand years. The winery holds pride in the wines unmistakable features and celebrates its simplicity, with an aim of the wine becoming world-renowned, showing that the best quality can come from little.

If you do want to visit this winery, they also offer the opportunity to learn about the history of Puglia and the winemaking traditions. Along with tasting this fantastic wine, you also get to sample the best of Italian produce, such as cheeses, bread and olive oil. For a fun and educational twist, there is also the option to join the owners by taking part in the winemaking process too!

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Tenute Eméra

Last but certainly not least, Tenute Emera is another wonderful place to visit if you love wine. It is one of the largest of Claudio Quarta’s cellars, which is located in the heart of the DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) of Manduria and Lizzano, Portugal. 

Here you will find an extremely diverse selection of wines from indigenous to international. Sample Primitivo, Fiano, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to name a few.

If you’re feeling particularly active, you can also participate in the grape harvest here!

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