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largest wine barrel

The world’s largest wine barrel has been made in the Southern
France region of Languedoc-Roussillon, capable of holding around 300,000 litres
of wine.

Made for the Saint-Drezery wine estate Chateau Puech Haut,
the barrel is twelve metres long, six metres in diameter and weighs forty

Crafted by local carpenter Noussyet, the barrel’s structure is made of
37 tonnes of oak. The barrel will be displayed outside the winery for all to
see, and although it can hold hundreds of thousands of litres of wine, it will
not be used for that purpose. Instead, estate owner Gerard Bru plans to use it
for events and perhaps even use it as a wine shop.

This is not the first time Chateau Puech Haut has showcased
an eye-catching wine barrel; it is in fact well-known for its barrel-related
art, with Bru inviting several local artists to decorate and add their own touch
to normal-sized barrels which would otherwise be stored in the cellar. Many of
these have since gone on to be displayed at art galleries around the world.

The new barrel crafted for Chateau Puech Haut beats the
previous record set by Eugene Mercier of the Champagne region, who gained a
reputation for bringing huge wine barrels to the Paris Exhibitions, his largest
cask, built in 1885, being able to hold around 200,000 litres of wine. Unlike
the current example, this barrel was used to store wine, and was only filled
completely once due to an enormous wine harvest in 1887. Today, the barrel can
be seen on display at Mercier’s winery in Epernay.

Discover the variety of wines produced in the Languedoc
region and see this gigantic barrel for yourself in 2016 and visit our website
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Image: Rob
and Lisa Meehan
, available under Creative Commons

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