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your guide to a healthier, happier holiday

Imagine stepping into your dream holiday villa. Your feet padding against the luxurious carpet surrounding your spacious bed while you walk towards the large windows, casting your sights out over the turquoise water of the outdoor pool. Beautiful surroundings such as the collaboration of the shades of turquoise and teal in the sky form the perfect backdrop for your next holiday, and it is surprising how much the location and your wellness can contribute to your serenity while you are away.   
The popularity of Wellness Villas and retreats has risen over the past couple of years, with designated packages on offer for those wishing to unwind in style. With more and more people paying attention to their mind, body and spirit, ensuring that you select accommodation that can cater to your needs is a vital consideration.
When booking your next escape, it is understandable that you would want to return fresh and full of vitality, so choosing somewhere that this is possible is essential. Think relaxing sessions soaking up the sun on the terrace of your holiday villa in France or enjoying a canapé champagne reception before dinner; you are deserving of opulence so lap up the life of luxury.
Although there is no official definition of wellness, actively seeking a healthy mind and body through alternative choices, such as maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise are widely accepted as a few of the main principles. With the perfect location and accommodation, there are a few extra practices you can take part in which are design to relax both your mind and body. 
Gently Exercise 
Picture yourself watching the tie-dye sky transform before your very eyes as you activate your core, taking part in some morning yoga. The calming effects of the postures releases the tension within your body with each gentle movement. It brings you in tune with yourself, allowing you to sooth and relax your internal being. The meditation quiets your mind, as you focus solely on your breathing and positions you will become more conscious and aware of your wellbeing.   
Relax in Water
Take a break from the midday sun with a dip in the crystal-clear water of your private pool. As you immerse and soak yourself, you can switch off from your surroundings, as it is just you and the water. The peacefulness and meditative qualities that come from the rhythm of your body and breathing while swimming is perfect for restoration of your body and mind. 
Nourish with Food
Fueling yourself with foods that will heal your body and mind is a vital part of enjoying a happier and healthier holiday. Offering your body nutrient-rich foods and ensuring you stay hydrated and receive plenty of vitamins and minerals. This helps to nourish your body and will improve your overall wellness. The critically-acclaimed chefs at your private villa can help prepare your dinner; there is no need to worry about overindulging when on holiday and post-holiday dieting won’t be needed, as each meal served will be health-giving. Take your time as you relish each exquisite dish and relax as you savour every delectable bite.  
Immerse Yourself in Nature
Envision yourself stepping out onto your own cliff side terrace, surrounded by the green foliage of the palm trees and uninterrupted views of the calming ocean. You are surrounded by nature, watching the water as the tide pulls in and away from your private beach. All you can hear is the sound of the waves; you feel each grain of sand on your skin and the suns enveloping rays warms your body. Calm and clarity will overcome you, as you listen to the earth’s rhythm and reconnect with yourself. 
Here at Quality Villas, we have a variety of villas that are perfect for you and your loved ones to stay at, for the ultimate relaxation and a happier, healthier holiday. From Villa Amelie, with a Michelin-trained chef and breathtaking panoramic views to Rozenn, where the coastal location boasts a sauna and Jacuzzi, to Villa Lampone, surrounded by olive groves and the luscious green Umbrian hills. If you’re looking for the ideal alternative to a wellness retreat, get in touch with our team today to find out more information.
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