Frequently Asked Questions

With 30 years experience creating villa holidays in France, Italy, Spain and Croatia, we have come across all manner of queries to make each individual clients holiday flow perfectly. Some of these questions are shared below. If you do not find the answer you seek below, please give us a call on (+44) 01442 870 055 or email [email protected] and we will find the answers for you.



The price is for one week, for the whole villa (not price per person).The price is for accommodation only, with some inclusive services which are noted in each property description.

We rent ‘quality villas’ and never talk in terms of the number of beds in a villa, but the ideal number of people who can enjoy the whole home. Each villa in our portfolio is unique. It has been designed and furnished with individual attention and as such, the Owners of these properties insist on a strict max sleeping policy to provide the perfect space for you during your holiday.  An example may be an owner who chooses to put a comfy double bed in one room but promotes this as a bedroom for one as the room is small -  a perfect cosy treat for one, cramped for two.
On a serious note, if you exceed the maximum numbers, the owner reserves the right to charge for this and furthermore the owner and Quality Villas reserve the right to remove your entire party from the house, with immediate effect, without compensation. We are strict about this condition please and hope you will see it as our dedication to providing perfect quality holidays. 

The first reason is security. For a myriad of reasons we need to protect you during your stay so we need to know who is staying when.   The second reason is to prepare the house so it is just right for your party. If any details of who is in the party change after you have booked, please contact us and we will update our details.

No. Firstly, villa maid service does not include a bed making and turn down service. The time the maid service comes to the property is at the Owners discretion as opposed to a hotel where you can put a ‘do not disturb’ sign outside the door, knowing the maid will return later. 
Where maid service is included, the number of hours for this are listed in the property description. This time covers cleaning of the house, not cleaning of dishes, laundry etc that are in use by you during the stay. Many clients top up the included hours to have extra support during their stay. Please contact us if you would like more hours and we will check availability and prepare a quote for you. 

No, every villa includes the departure clean.

Yes you can, naturally pending the maids availability. This is one of our most requested extra services. We will work with the owner of your chosen holiday villa to book the number of hours and level of service you wish and let you know the price for this extra service.We ask please to be given as much time as possible to arrange this for you so we have the best chance of booking the maids time just for you. In our experience this needs to be booked at least 3 months before your holiday to be sure of availability.

You have two options:

  1. Quality Villas, on behalf of the Owners take a sum of money from you prior to departure that is held during you stay. It is off course fully refunded as soon as the Owner has confirmed there is no damage. 
  2. We offer a non-refundable damage waiver fee per villa which is charged at the cost of £6 per number of people allowed to stay in  the villa. e.g. if a villa sleeps 10, you pay £60 non -refundable damage waiver. (If you book the same villa but only 6 people stay, the damage waiver cost is still £60). This covers you for up to £500 of accidental damage at the property during your stay. Should you cause any damage above this sum, the owner reserves the right to claim for this extra sum from your travel insurance. (hence why your insurance should cover damage overseas).

Some Owners insist on option 1 above. Where this is the case, we note it clearly in the villa description. 

Once you have chosen your ideal villa holiday, we will confirm the dates with the Owner. We then require a one-third credit card payment as a deposit from you and a signed booking form.

Yes. Comprehensive travel insurance is a condition of your booking. This must include cancellation insurance - each year we sadly have a few clients who, for personal reasons cannot travel. Also, our Owners request that the terms of your booking cover insurance for damage during your stay. 

We provide you with an information pack before your holiday with a list of contacts during your stay. You have our UK contact for any queries. We would encourage you to let us know any time you have a problem so we can speak to the Owner and fix it for you asap. It is not possible to accept complaints made upon your return if you have not allowed the owner the chance to fix any inconvenience caused to you.

Your property will have sheets, pillowcases, blankets or duvets. Normally three towels per person are provided. (Never beach or pool towels). Cot linen is not always provided. We recommend you take your own for your baby’s comfort. Exceptions are always noted on each property page. Beds are normally made up for your arrival. If you would like linen to be changed mid stay please let us know. (Some properties provide an extra set for you to change as you wish) 

Garden and pool maintenance is included and frequently done very early in the morning to minimise disruption to you. (You may not even see these people!) Often a pool net is left for you to remove any fallen leaves during your stay.

Water, gas and electricity is normally included from June to September. Supplements may apply outside these dates. Exceptions are clearly stated.

Pools are normally open June - September. Water temperatures can be variable in the early and late periods. If you wish to travel during the shoulder seasons, please let us know and we will happy to guide you to the best villas for your stay. A good selection of our villas have pool heating, ideal for off season stays. 

In most cases yes. We have an increase in the  number of villa heating systems that are solar heated, so the cost is low, but off course the water temperature naturally depends on the amount of sunshine. 

An electric heat generator is the best way to reliably heat a swimming pool to a pre-determined temperature (usually 27 - 28 degrees).  These can be very expensive to run and therefore usually carry a supplemental charge which we note on each villas with a heated pool page.  They also require a couple of days to reach the required temperature so the pool heating element must be requested in advance.

Solar heated pools are another option; these rely on the power of the sun to boost the ambient temperature of the water, so are dependent on weather but this is a good option for warmer climes. Some pools have grey or black lining; this is to help retain heat, but has the added benefit of creating a mirroir d’eau which if visually pleasing, mirroring the sky and surrounds.  Many pools have covers which can be rolled across the surface at the end of the day so heat is not lost during the night. It must be noted that the purpose of the heating is not to turn the pool into a bath or even the heat of many indoor municipal pools.

Active oxygen filtration (persulphate) does away with chlorine altogether and is effective at keeping the pool clean under general conditions.  But it does not kill algae so some other chemical element is still required for trouble free maintenance. Contact us for a list of villas with this system.  Traditionally chlorine is used to purify swimming pools, being added directly to the water to keep it crystal clear and bacteria free. However, today there are other options, the most common being the saline or salt-water system, also referred to as a soft-water pool. Salt is added directly to the water and a chlorine generator is installed elsewhere in the filtration system so they are not completely chlorine free, but the water develops a silken feeling and they are kinder to sensitive skin.   In addition to the main filtration systems, many of our pools have robotic pool cleaners providing an extra measure of filtration (these should never be removed from the pool as they are an integral part of the cleaning process).

Many modern houses have an efficient, central air-conditioning system, much like our central heating; room temperatures can be controlled individually, but the system itself is centralised.  Older houses may have individual air-conditioning units installed in specific areas, often bedrooms, such as you would expect in a hotel bedroom.  A reversible air-cooling system is used to warm or cool the air by a few degrees only; it is not as effective as air-conditioning, but if shutters remain closed during the hottest part of the day then these systems can still be effective. Portable air-conditioning units can be useful for occasional use; they are not as powerful and usually need to be vented through a window, but in cases of extreme heat can help to keep a room somewhat cooler. Underfloor cooling and heating systems are a modern option for tiled floors, making the ground underfoot pleasantly cool in summer and keeping air temperatures down a little

Tennis courts in our villas vary in standard so we would check with the Owner of your chosen holiday villa on the current standard.

Landline services differ in each property. Some enable outgoing calls, but only when you purchase a telephone card at a local newsagent or supermarket. Other properties have an open line so should be paid for. Where there is no telephone it is clearly marked. We would find out for you which house has the service level you require

This is a million dollar question. The villa owner may say yes but your mobile network has poor agreements with the best local provider. Some  properties are set in the heart of the country and may not have a good signal. If signal is important, we would advise ensuing the villa has a landline too so you have a back up in case your mobile does not work. We sadly cannot ever guarantee signal.

Our distances are mainly given in kilometres or minutes to the nearest local villages, towns and other places of interest. Where times are noted, it is for driving  (unless otherwise stated) and can only be used as a rough guideline. 

Satellite TV is available in many properties, however many of our villa owners do not have english as a first language so english speaking channels are not a priority for them. We would contact the owner to check for you if there are cartoons available in your chosen villa as we would do for any specific channel requests.

Barbecues are available in most properties; however there may be restrictions on their use during the summer months, due to local fire restrictions. For this reason alone we can never guarantee you can achieve your holiday barbecue dream. Please do not move any barbecues from the position they are left on your arrival, which may be the safest area. 

These are not automatically provided, but may be available to hire. We find many of our clients take a travel cot as it is known to their child. We would contact the Owner for you to check if these are provided and try and source somewhere local to hire if not. 

Check in is between 1700 and 1900 local time. If your arrival is delayed you must inform the contact person noted on the directions information sent to you before departure. If you arrive after this time (without making arrangements) you may not be able to gain access until the following day (and the Owner would not be liable for your extra overnight accommodation cost elsewhere). Check out is by 0930 am on the day of departure.

Double beds range from 1.40m - 2m. A single bed in France can start at 0.70m. We take the view that anything below 0.90m is ideal for children, not adults and will note this in the villa description. 

A bathroom will have a bath. This room may not have a WC but there will be a bath! A shower room will have a shower. Again, there may not be a WC. Many of our more traditional French houses were designed with a separate room for the WC. 

We note the reason for this warning in each villa description.  The reasons can vary greatly. Examples are steep or unprotected drops in the land, internal stairs or external steps which have open treads or no handrails or railings and balustrades that differ from our view of UK safety.  Although local Health and Safety laws differ, where villa owners advise us or we become aware, it will be stated in the website description when balconies and railings are less than 1m high and have gaps of more than 10cm apart for the safety of young children. The website villa descriptions request care with children where this requirement is not met, for example if the railings are horizontal or of a design which poses a climbing risk or reduces the effective height. Some of our villas have swings and slides - off course we have to advise you to keep and eye on your children when using these. 

Not only do our customers come from all over the world, but rules of travel and health requirements often change. For this reason we always recommend you satisfy yourself of the passport and visa requirements from your home country. Some countries have healthcare agreements in place with other countries should you require medical support. For UK citizens for example, you should obtain a E111 form for medical support in all EU countries. 

We pride ourselves on two things - finding great villas for your holiday and being able to arrange a vast array of supplementary experiences and support during your stay. Maids, cooks/chefs, airport transfers, helicopter transfers, fully staffed villas, babysitters, fully stocked food larders, chauffeurs.. we will aim to book you what you need for your stay. 
All we ask is as much time as possible to arrange these services for you. These are all payable locally and the booking of these extra services is between you and the service provider. Quality Villas do not take a profit or any benefit from making these introductions - we simply wish to add that something extra to your holiday when you need it. 

If you plan to arrive at the villas in a low sports car, we advise you to check at the time of booking that the access to the property is 

Whilst many of our villas have Wi-Fi, this will often have a variable signal both in terms of the areas within the house you can access it, and in terms of the reliability of the service.  This can be due to many factors, such as country location, thick stone walls in older buildings, or simply that the local service is not as high quality as we are used to in UK towns and cities. Please check with us if WIFI is essential to your booking.

Use the link below to access the most up to date advice created by UK The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).  

This includes advice on security and local laws, plus passport and visa information.

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